Sunday, June 22, 2014

So...more dragons?


So...more dragons?

Yep. More dragons. :) As of June 22, 2014, the second book in the Dragons series is out: Whom Dragons Rule.

Here is a link to the page for the new book: Whom Dragons Rule. And here's a link to where it is on Smashwords: Whom Dragons Rule. (You can read a sample there.)

It isn't really a sequel. It doesn't actually follow the first story; it overlaps (briefly) with the first story. Each book stands alone--each is a complete story by itself--but each enhances the other.

As with the first book, this one might not be suitable for very young readers--because of the scary dragon aspect and the complex sentence structures. But theme-wise, the values presented are positive, and the story is uplifting. (If this were part of the King series, it would be "A Tale of Freedom.")

Okay. Enjoy! :)