Sunday, June 22, 2014

So...more dragons?


So...more dragons?

Yep. More dragons. :) As of June 22, 2014, the second book in the Dragons series is out: Whom Dragons Rule.

Here is a link to the page for the new book: Whom Dragons Rule. And here's a link to where it is on Smashwords: Whom Dragons Rule. (You can read a sample there.)

It isn't really a sequel. It doesn't actually follow the first story; it overlaps (briefly) with the first story. Each book stands alone--each is a complete story by itself--but each enhances the other.

As with the first book, this one might not be suitable for very young readers--because of the scary dragon aspect and the complex sentence structures. But theme-wise, the values presented are positive, and the story is uplifting. (If this were part of the King series, it would be "A Tale of Freedom.")

Okay. Enjoy! :)

Sunday, August 25, 2013 have a new book out?

NEW BOOK have a new book out?

Yes!!! It came out on August 24th, 2013. The new book is Where Dragons Dwell.

Here's a link to the blog page for it: Where Dragons Dwell. That page has links to where it's available, etc. But to save you a step or two, here's a link to it on Smashwords: Where Dragons Dwell. (You can read a sample there.)

Where Dragons Dwell is not part of the series, and it is quite different from those books. Age-wise, I would say it's not for elementary school readers unless they are not frightened of things like dragons (and the violence of killing them) and unless they are able to handle fairly complex sentence structures.

But--dragon-violence aside--it is still a happy story with a lovely message (if it were part of the series, it would be "A Tale of Hope").

Enjoy! :)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Coupon Codes (Instructions)

Welcome! If you have received coupon codes for free eBooks, you are in the right place. :) These are the instructions explaining how to use those coupon codes.

1. Click on this link: (The link will take you to my profile page on, where the files for the books can be downloaded—and it should open in another window, so you can keep these instructions up at the same time. :) )
2. Click on the book you wish to download. 
3. Then—

            For The Pursuit of a King (A Tale of Wisdom):

          Beside the word “Download” you will see a list of formats available. Click on the one you want.

            For all other books:

  1. Click "Buy."
  2. Set up account (involves entering name and email address, creating username and password, stating whether you are over or under 18, and selecting country of residence).
  3. Continue adding books to cart as desired. (My other books should show up at the bottom of the "Shopping Cart" page for you to select--"Add to cart.")
  4. Enter the coupon codes. (A box for the code appears below each title's price.)
  5. Click "Apply Coupon." (This step is required for the system to accept the codes.)
  6. Click "Checkout." You will then be taken to a screen with links to the individual pages for the books. Beside the word "Download" you will see a list of formats available. Click on the one you want. (Links to the books you've purchased with the coupon codes are also provided under the "Library" tab if you choose not to download the books immediately. Also, after the checkout step, you should receive an email receipt with links to the book(s) as well as to a few helpful tips on using the Smashwords site.)

I’ve tried to be fairly thorough with the instructions, but, seriously, the process is simpler than it sounds. :) And if you have questions or run into problems, you can contact me by commenting on this page. (Or, if you have a Facebook account, you can send me a message on my page there: . For those who received coupon codes via email, feel free to reply to that email address and ask your questions/report problems that way.)

Thanks so much! Hope you enjoy the stories!

Friday, June 8, 2012 many books are there in the series? And...where can I buy the books?

BOOKS IN THE SERIES many books are there in the series?

So far there are four books in the series. Here they are, in order:

The Pursuit of a King (A Tale of Wisdom)

The Heart of a King (A Tale of Faith)

The Honor of a King (A Tale of Mercy)

The Son of a King (A Tale of Love)

The links above will take you to the individual blog sites for the books. I have posted more information there for the specific books, including a fun little dialogue that introduces the characters and describes the appropriate age levels for the books (here). If you are interested in reading sample chapters, take a look at Amazon's "Look Inside!" feature (here). (The other sites where the books are available also offer sample chapters.)


So...where can I buy the books?

All four books are available on Amazon in Kindle versions and in print versions: my author page on Amazon.

And they are available on Smashwords: my author page on Smashwords.

Smashwords distributes the eBooks to various eBook retailers (Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and iTunes.), as well. (Distribution to the various retailers is still in the early stages for the most recent books, so it may take a couple of weeks before they appear. Also, to participate in various promotions on Amazon, I may remove one or more of the books from Smashwords and other sites temporarily. In other words--if you don't see all four books on Smashwords, look for the missing one on Amazon. :) ) 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

So...are they Christian books?


So...are they Christian books?
Yes, yes, and no. It’s a complex question. :) I’ll start with the no.

No. They are not overtly Christian. They are adventure stories, start to finish. They’re not preachy (because, seriously, I don’t like that, either). And they are meant to be fun, entertaining, and very, very happy. I tried to write the kind of stories that a person from any faith background—or from no faith background—could enjoy.

But yes. The symbolism and imagery are Christian. And the more familiar you are with such things, the more you will see. :)

And, finally, yes—because of the story behind the stories.

People have tended to respond to my news about the books by saying something like, “Oh! Writing a book must have been a dream come true!” But the truth of the matter is that it was not. It wasn’t a dream of mine to write. Writing was always just a fun distraction from whatever “real” work I was doing. I was happy keeping my hobby as my hobby, and I still think of writing as just that for me. I only wrote these books after my life plans were derailed by a series of difficulties that included a lengthy illness. The books are my response to the grief and loss and trauma of a very difficult time in my life; they are a monument to the mercy and faithfulness of God, a monument built in the midst of wreckage and rubble, a monument built through tears. The story behind the stories is that this book and its sequels are my act of declaring that God is supremely and infinitely good, even when everything falls apart and life really hurts.

But I also classify these books as Christian because of the story behind the story behind the stories. :) I am convinced that the books are the good that have come from this time of incredible pain, and so they are echoes of the fulfillment of a distinctly Christian for ashes.